New Beginnings….. heading for Panama and Dawn Trader


As October speeds to a close, Nancy and I are working hard to divest our world of “stuff”.  We are living very much in the world of “stuff”, often feeling suffocated by it .  We are going to depart the United States of America…. or North America, as our European cruising acquaintances refer to it, with as little “stuff” as possible.  We are taking all of Nancy’s vital belongings to begin her new life afloat.  In addition, tools, spares, parts and other sundry boat gear will go with us as well.  A new sewing machine capable of sail repair, canvas fabrication, and other heavy duty tasks is being shipped to our boat upon the sea.  We spent the past weekend overseeing a house-contents sale.  Trying to make furniture, nick knacks, appliances, tools, pictures and all of the detritus of daily life disappear and hard currency take its place is very challenging.  We were reasonably successful.


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