Images and words…

For the families and friends of Ron and Nancy.  This will be Ron’s attempt to keep you abreast of our travels and  random events in our lives.  As before, my communication will rely heavily on photographs, with some attempt to become more verbose, something you know I never had a hard time with in person:)  Nancy is starting her own blog, heavier on the words she composes so well.  You will find a link on this blog to Nancy’s lyrical efforts.  Between the two of us, perhaps something for everyone.  Sorry we are so late in getting started, but as it has been said many times before… better late than never.  Seems like the place to start is in the Head to headbeginning of our sojourn on the good ship Dawn Trader.  Almost two years ago we met on the website “”.  Nancy visited me in Panama City aboard Dawn Trader in February of 2013 and again for my birthday in April of the same year.  That summer i put Dawn Trader on a mooring in the harbor of Taboga Isle and went to Florida to earn money, have minor surgery and most importantly, help Nancy get ready to join me in a new life afloat…  We returned in December of 2013 and began constructing our life together, first addressing the physical cleanup of poor neglected Dawn Trader, after which, our emotional existence could come to the fore.


One thought on “Images and words…

  1. You both look terrific. I wish you all the happiness the two of you wish for yourselves. Cindy and I are very happy for you.

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