Cruising friends…. close and gone!

Doug SV RigelThe wonderful phenomena that we experience in the cruising community is the ability to make good, meaningful friends in a very short time.  We all are aware that our new found friends will probably be soon departing for parts unknown or known, as the case maybe.  The usual “dance” we encounter in the landsman’s life that involves a long process before acquaintances really become friends is missing.  Life is definitely a case of Carpe Diem.  We all seem to have an unconscious sense of urgency functioning in the back round.  It really is a gift to be able to accelerate the bonding between friends.  Above, Doug of sailing vessel Rigel, is hoisting anchor and getting underway with his sister and two nieces for Las Perlas Islands before he departs across the Pacific to Easter Island.  Nancy and i shared good times, good food, collective chores and wonderful camaraderie with Doug before his successful journey to Easter Island.  We also followed his journey through the wonders of shortwave/internet technology and participated in spirit in his sometime “white knuckle” ride across big seas and strong winds.  Will we cross wakes again?  Always the unanswered question as friends depart across the seas.


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