Time, Speed and Distance

Time speed distanceIITime speed distanceNot terribly long ago I mentioned to friends of mine that life could be summed up with the concept of time, speed and distance.  This short expression or more correctly, equation, can be used to analyze  much of life.  One is able to look at many things through this paradigm besides the obvious computation of travel.  I believe that my first introduction to time, speed, and distance was taking the Safe Boating course with the Patapsaco River Chapter of the United States Power Squadron when I was seventeen years old.  Time, speed, and distance being the underlying simplest formula for figuring out, using dead reckoning, where you are on the water, on your boat.  This marine navigational formula might also be a way to figure out where you are in many other ways as well.  Some time ago, my Nancy Elizabeth traveled a great distance at a very high speed and after her departure Dawn Trader carried me a relatively short distance over a much longer time at a much slower speed…. the result being that we are at the moment, for me, sadly apart.  Intellectually I know Nancy Elizabeth is in Ohio and I am in La Liberdad. But emotionally I also know I am lost… so to speak, without Nancy Elizabeth.  All of which is about the math formula for computing ones travel. Computing our spiritual travel or emotional travel may just mean looking at that math formula a different way. Having said that, many of us have come great distances over years of time, at varying speeds in professional and personal accomplishments.  The distance between a high school student and a doctor of medicine is vast, educationally and experientially speaking and it takes a great amount of time at a very slow speed to accomplish that distance. Maturing as an adult takes all of us a different amount of time and indeed many of us never reach our full potential….. but time and distance are there for our efforts, speed never having won that race.


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