What I’m doing on my summer vacation

1410_Haulout LS_620Many of you may not have realized it is summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere, it can be very confusing.  Today, incidentally is the winter solstice for you folks in the Northern Hemisphere but it is the longest day of the year down here below the equator.  To keep up the confusion, here on the coast of Ecuador the land is cooled by prevailing south-westerlies blowing across the very cold Humboldt  Current.  The Humboldt flows north from the Southern Ocean down there at the home of Cape Horn and brings the ice-cubed water of Antarctica along the coast of South America.  That phenomena is responsible for the unusual sea life, flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands, lying about six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador.  I hope to visit at least Isabela on this summer vacation, after the boatyard chores are completed.  That Humboldt Current is also responsible for my sleeping with a blanket and bedspread and yet I am only a few hundred miles south of the Equator…. hmmm, all very curious.  Truth is stranger than fiction!


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